My Everest is: To Travel to all Seven Continents
I blame my parents for my travel bug, they got me into it. Before university I was lucky enough to have travelled to Mexico, the UK, Kenya, and Spain. After high school, I wanted to continue to travel the world before committing to a degree program. However, my parents did not believe I would ever return from my trip and so they encouraged me to study first and travel later. We compromised and I went to study in Scotland. During my studies at the University of St. Andrews, I was able to visit several North Africa locations as well as various countries in Europe. Two years after completing my degree, I moved to New Zealand with the intention of staying for one year. Five years later, and I now consider New Zealand home. Working as a river guide in New Zealand means that I am only employed for 9 months of the year. This means that every year, I have 3 months to see the world. I have since been all over Southeast Asia up to China, Tibet, and Mongolia. I have visited the Middle East, gone trekking in Jordan, diving in Egypt, and hiking in Israel. A few years ago I traveled from Guatemala to Costa Rica, and more recently I have just returned from a trip to Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia. My goal now: Antarctica!
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where am i?

I am currently residing in Australia with the hopes of one day setting foot on Antarctica, the last of the seven continents, although there is also quite a bit of Africa I still need to visit!

how am i stuck?

Although I do not engage in luxury travel, it still costs a fair bit to fly around the world. And every good adventurer needs the right equipment to get them safely from point A to point B.




Never give up your sense of adventure!

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