My Everest is: overcoming my head injury
10 years ago, I was in a horrific car accident, one that left me with severe head trauma. What I have to endure, both in my emotional being and my physical wellness is unfathomable. I try everyday to maintain a positive spirit. Loving competition (I played 2 sports in college), yesterday I swam in my first athletic competition in 10 years and what a phenomenal feeling it was! I have a steep, steep mountain to ascend, but I attain an enormous amount of hope and belief that I can and will overcome these trials that come with hiking this treacherous terrain. I will reach the summit of Everest, just as Edmund Hillary did way back when. i thrive off challenges, and I thank God for attaining this attribute because I would not have progressed in the slightest if I had a distaste for challenges. I have to endure unfathomable pain, but I feel lucky to be alive, a sentiment I came to this past November. It's a long, hard road, but I truly believe I will reach the summit of Everest- the ability to walk and have each appendage function close to how they used to. That's my hope.
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where am i?

I have made a lot of progress. I am proud of myself. To even be able to admit this baffles me.

how am i stuck?

I have great expectations and I am quite hard on myself. My motto for 2010 is to find more Zen- to remain calm and focused.



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