My Everest is: Climb for Colon Cancer
My name is Matt Hardy, and myself and a good friend of mine (Elliott Bates) are rock climbers from Boulder, Colorado. We have been personally touched by Colon Cancer, through the loss of two loved ones. My father died of colon cancer in 2007 and a best friend and climbing partner of Elliott and I succomed to stomach and colon cancer in October 2009. We don't want anyone else to become a statistic so we have started Climb for Colon Cancer. We are an organization dedicated to raising awareness for the need for colonoscopies, and funding for colon cancer research, by climbing the worlds tallest peaks. Colon cancer is unique because if detected early by a colonoscopy the cancer is very treatable and the survival rate is high. Thinking of a colonoscopy makes people very uncomfortable and thus, only half of the population that should be getting screened does. We aim to transform ourselves from what we are now- pure rock climbers- into competent high altitude mountaineers. To do this, we will climb 5 mountains, of progressively higher elevation and difficulty. Longs peak, Mt. Rainier, Aconcagua, Cho Oyu, and Finally Everest. This process of becoming proficient in climbing huge peaks will be uncomfortable and extremely difficult. Getting a colonoscopy is also uncomfortable, but if we can do something as difficult as climbing the highest mountain in the world, anybody can take time to get a screening, which could save their life. Our overall goal is to get 100,000 people to get a colon cancer screening. We use this number because the combined elevations of our 5 mountains add up to just over 100,000ft. 1 person for every foot we climb. The potential to save thousands of lives is as huge as the mountains we will climb. The process begins now. We are working with one of the top alpinists in the world, Fabrizio Zangrilli, to train and prepare for our climbs. As our guide, he will help us to become strong and competent enough to succeed on Everest in 2012.
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We are in the process of hiring a PR agent, to help us secure sponsorships and raise awareness. We also looking for a top university in Colon cancer research to give an endowment to.

how am i stuck?

We need corporate sponsors, equipment sponsors, and magazine and news features. We simply need to get our name and message out there! The attached photo shows myself and our late friend Evan, in CO.



Mahesh Babu


Mahesh Babu



You know I'll help with the PR/media relations once Climb for Colon Cancer gets going.


Very inspiring story! Good luck!


http://www.colorectal-cancer .ca/psa/index.php another contest...


That is a great goal! Good luck with it. :-) Sorry for your losses. It sounds like something that will really make a difference though. I bet a lot of people will listen (and probably people will tell their loved ones to get checked out). :-)

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