My Everest is: Live stream video Pacific Crest Trail
In April 2010 I will embark on a 5 month journey across the Pacific Crest Trail. I want to be the first to stream live video of my triumphs and struggles while on the trail. I will use my blog and twitter to communicate with blog followers and the thousands following me on twitter. I will cover 2,665 miles on foot. By streaming live video it will bring a somewhat unobtainable outdoor adventure to many who might not ever even think of such things. My trip is not just for myself, but to motivate others to get outdoors and achieve their dreams. As you know summiting Everest is only half way on your journey. This is true in my case as well. I plan on using footage shot while on the trail to make a documentary of my journey. I used my past adventures to help raise money for people in need and this adventure is no different. In a world of changing environments both physical and mental the people need to be connected to the outside world. My Everest does this and more.
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where am i?

I have spent the last 6 months planning and have another 6 to go. I have moved into a smaller place and made preparations with my friends and family. I have a date of April 2010 as my leaving date.

how am i stuck?

Finances are my biggest problem now. I have liquidated all my assets and sacrificed everything for my Everest. My itemized list estimates the remaining cost to be around $8,000 start to finish.

Mahesh Babu



Paul, I wish you the best in achieving your goals. Continue to go for it! -Jason


I want to hike the PCT sooo bad! I hope you win so we can all follow along. Good luck!


Thanks everybody for commenting. We only had a few hours to get votes and comments. Wish I would have known about the contest earlier. I thought I should add where the funds went from what I raised from my first adventure: (the url is from because the link is broken) Thanks again for voting!


Paul, you inspire me so much! You really do have what it takes. Good luck!


Paul your my hero since Oprah & 8 wishes. Thanks for what you do! Keep it up!!!


paul you road your bike around the USA and then you hitchhike to 40 cities and now your hiking the PCT your crazy! everyone vote for paul


Go Paul Go yeah I am supporting your Everest,but your not off the hook for encouraging my baby to buy that crotch rocket speed bike!!! Love your sister, Miss Monica


Paul rocks. his PCT adventure is gonna rock!


I am supporting you, Paul. You're such a courageous person. Happy new year!

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