My Everest is: Home Ownership
I have always wanted to live in a house. Ever since I was a child growing up in Harlem, I admired the beautiful brownstones in the neighborhood, or the two story homes in the outer boroughs of N.Y.C. We lived in a cramped, rent controlled apartment. As I grew and became an adult, I kept that dream in the back of my mind, but also came to realize that it was far more complicated and costly than I had imagined. I obtained a Master's degree and became a teacher. What I did not know was the workload to dollar ratio was quite low. Being unmarried with no children also means a good deal of my salary is taxed away from me. Even with two jobs, it was difficult to maintain a small apartment. I studied real estate markets and bought a kit to educate myself about finances and housing. I once went to a real estate mogul's housewarming party. He and his wife had just purchased a beautiful home in a gated community. At one point during the evening, I asked him, "How does one acquire such beautiful property"? He asked what I did and I told him of my two jobs teaching and tutoring. He shook his head, and laughingly told me, "Marry well". How can I tell students they can have or be anything they want if they study hard? Their own teacher works and studies hard, yet takes a bus to work and is considered lucky, by many to have what little she has? No prince has come along to save me, and I am willing to switch careers, as teachers are not paid what we're worth. My everest is to obtain a substantial down payment on my own, and to someday own property.
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where am i?

I'm quite far from my peak. Teaching and tutoring only allows me to have basic necessities. Being single with no children also means a lot of my salary is heavily taxed.

how am i stuck?

A substantial down payment would get me off to a healthy start. I would also like to enroll in a home ownership course.

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